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In short: it’s not possible to use GoHighLevel Websites (the Clickfunnels alternative) the same way you’d use them on Clickfunnels. This does not mean that we don’t like GoHighLevel – on the contrary. Read further.

GoHighLevel offers the possibility to fully import Clickfunnels pages, which makes GoHighLevel the (way) cheaper alternative.

There is only one “minor” problem with GoHighLevel: you can’t use the GoHighLevel pages with the same DNS domain name as Clickfunnels does. But there is an easy alternative: just use a subdomain which you give a neutral name i.e. “” or “” or “”. The subdomain should give trust to people and not look shady, that’s basically the only rule.

Indeed, this is a disadvantage in comparison with Clickfunnels. But it’s the only one. And the pricing is great.