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I decided I needed to save more time by connecting Facebook lead forms with a Google spreadsheet. I was getting too many Facebook leads and the manual work was piling up, so it was time to choose a good integration software that automates these manual actions.

Everyone knows Zapier but a less known alternative to Zapier was (formerly Integromat).

I decided to give (Integromat) a chance since it has a dedicated information page on how to connect Facebook lead forms to Google spreadsheets. The pricing of is more attractive than Zapier and given the fact that the setup of the connection should be done easy and in the same timing as with Zapier, I picked mainy for its sharp pricing.

After all, setting up a connection between Facebook and Google sheets can’t be that hard for a professional SaaS connection tool, right?

Review: using to connect Facebook and Google sheets

I started implementing the steps / Integromat provides to connect all apps together and make my live easier, and save time.

However, hours of troubleshooting later the connection was still not there and Facebook always showed me an error “couldn’t connect”. What went wrong?

I went through several