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Do you recognize yourself in this profile? Your company’s website no longer matches your identity or there is not even a website yet. You have the feeling that a lot of opportunities are being missed digitally and you want to be on that train as soon as possible. Because you know of course that a good website automatically creates new visitors and many more customers.

The solution is closer than you think!

Have a WordPress website created by a professional. Why WordPress? This CMS is the most supported CMS in the world. The times when you depended on your web builder to add your own content to a website are over with WordPress. Once it’s built, it’s all yours and you can keep enriching it with new blog posts or images. Thanks to WordPress, your website can grow with your business and won’t be static for years to come. You can easily work with it yourself, even if you think you haven’t eaten a lot of cheese from websites!

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WordPress forms the basis of 35% of the internet.


With WordPress you get results

A website serves a specific purpose: achieving results. It is important to be able to measure the ROI clearly. Unless you’re in the non-profit sector, chances are that your business is counting on leads or sales to generate revenue.

Leads are important in the B2B and B2C sectors where the financial investment is high or where the lifetime of a contract is long. Think for example of companies such as solar panel installers, kitchen builders or car sellers. Each of these sectors has a strong focus on online lead generation.

Online sales of course takes place in e-commerce environments and is reserved for companies in online retail. There are a lot of them, you undoubtedly know a lot of them yourself!

How much does a WordPress website cost?

That’s a frequently asked first question with most companies that come to me. The expected cost of a new website in WordPress depends on several factors:

  • Is an e-commerce flow required?
  • Does the website have to be multilingual?
  • How many templates are needed?
  • Which links with other software should be provided?
  • Is there a need for special contact forms?
  • Should a special search filter be provided?