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Have you bought a domain name in Versio and want to redirect it to another domain? The redirecting is done for several reasons: 

  • You make it easier for people to reach your website, including those who make a common typing mistake in your address, for example. 
  • You reach people who use the wrong TLD (you have a .nl website and people try to visit your website with the .be variant).
  • You bought a domain name because of the backlinks attached to it, and are now trying to forward that SEO-juice to another domain.

Setting up a redirect

This manual writes about redirecting in the Versio customer panel. Of course, the same principles apply to just about every other DNS host. Some settings may vary a bit, so it never hurts to Google “DNS redirect (Name host)”.

Step 1: Refer 2 A records to the Versio redirect server ( )

Step 2: Set up your redirects as you would normally (in this case: redirect to

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