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Google Ads specialist / consultant

Enormously powerful, if deployed correctly. I am a certified Google Ads specialist and every month I launch hundreds of campaigns within various advertising networks.

Google Ads certificaat
Het Google Ads certificaat wordt elk jaar vernieuwd en is telkens voor 1 jaar geldig.

Advertise on Google

You’ve seen them before: the first three results of a search in Google are often advertisements. In other words, you pay to be on one of these positions. If your website doesn’t score organically (or thanks to SEO) as you wish, you can take a first position with SEA if you pay for it.

Important at SEA are the keywords. Don’t you want your ads to appear only in searches that are relevant to your products or services? In other words, I choose the keywords that can attract the best quality audience for you.

Be found.

Be found just when your services are being searched for. Together we get the top positions and I make sure the right people see your ads.

  • Keyword search
  • Configuring conversion tracking
  • Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager integration
  • Improving the quality score
  • Search, Display, Video & Shopping Campaigns

Generate more turnover.

Do you know how powerful it is to advertise with the right search terms? We show your brand to potential customers at the lowest possible cost.

  • Generate more leads
  • Sell more products
  • Generate more sales
  • Improve conversion rate
  • Reduce cost per acquisition

Start with a keyword analysis

I always start an SEA campaign with a keyword research. I investigate which keywords are searched for the most and which are relevant to you. I check how many searches this can yield for you and what costs are involved.

Based on this keyword analysis, I can also check whether you have enough content on your website to launch a good SEA campaign. I make sure that the chosen keywords can also be found on these landing pages. This will give better results. Content marketing is also very important for paying advertisements.

Google Ads specialist - consultant

What does a Google Ads campaign look like to me?

  • Performance analysis: I’m mapping the current situation. Did you already advertise? What are your objectives? I also take a look at the content on your website: do you have enough texts? Do these keywords contain important keywords that you can advertise on?
  • Keyword research: I am looking for suitable keywords to expand or optimize your campaigns.
  • Strategic report: I map out the steps needed before starting the campaign. In this strategic report, I will also make a proposal for the advertising structure within your Google Ads account.
  • Setting up account: after the presentation of the strategic report, we really get going. I set up your account (or optimize your current ads).
  • Constant monitoring: once your ads are set up, it’s up to me to monitor performance on a constant basis and adjust if necessary.
  • Evaluation: during monthly or quarterly meetings I present the results and propose new optimization proposals.

As a customer you always know how I manage your account and what results your ads get. Thanks to Google Tag Manager I can link certain objectives (such as filling out a contact form) to your Google Ads account. This way you see the ROI (Return On Investment) concrete and measurable.

Would you like to follow up the ads in your own visual and interactive dashboard? Then I would like to create a Google Data Studio dashboard for you where you can closely follow the evolution of your ads.

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