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Website traffic: a website can not do without. A website that does not attract web traffic is an electronic brochure. That’s perfectly all right, but marketing has to be done elsewhere, via offline channels or through word-of-mouth advertising. And that’s an excellent strategy for some sectors.

On the other hand, in many sectors the lead generation has to be done digitally. Only a minority of companies indicate that they do not need an online lead generation and that the natural influx of applications is sufficient.

So we’re left with the question: web traffic or traffic. It is important that the website is built to attract this. But even here pollution can occur and not all web traffic is equally relevant.

A good website has a high SEO value and attracts a lot of good traffic. In this article I describe the difference between good traffic and less valuable web traffic.

What is good web traffic?

I have two websites in the same niche, where one website attracts a lot of relevant web traffic (that converts) and the other attracts a lot of irrelevant web traffic (because it scores on the wrong keywords in terms of SEO).

Example 1: the website with the best web traffic, has far fewer visitors (1585 in the evaluation period) but with a conversion rate of 4.78 percent.

Example 2: the website with the least quality web traffic, in the evaluation period, attracted some 8,765 visitors, of which only a minority (0.59 percent) converted.

Many visitors on the website does not automatically mean many conversions

A website with a lot of website traffic does not automatically guarantee a high return on investment. It is the right web traffic that ensures a return on investment. That means: high rankings on the right keywords.

An example: suppose you are ranked in Google on ‘basement renovation’, then as a renovation company you will of course find the right profiles: namely people who want to have their basement renovated. This search has the right intention: namely the will to make the basement beautiful.

Suppose you rank high on the position “reduce humidity in basement” with that same renovation company, then you will mainly attract people who have absolutely no intention of renovating their basement. At most, they will consider installing a ventilation system, or buying a mobile fan. They are much more a target group for, where they can buy dehumidifiers, than for your renovation company.

Bottom line: choose the right keywords with the right search intentions. The right content analysis and keyword research is the foundation of any successful website.